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Power Flushing

If you’re struggling with your central heating system being slow to warm up, or from certain radiators staying cold all the time, you could benefit from our powerflush in London treatment. Powerflushing is a form of central heating flush which works faster and delivers better results than traditional flushing techniques.


Our powerflush service is designed to remove all the aggressive water from the system, and to treat radiators to prevent further corrosion. It descales and flushes in only one visit, and is usually completed in under 8 hours, depending on the size of your system. Don’t put up with noisy boilers, inefficient radiators and higher than usual energy bills; ask us about powerflushing to restore your central heating system.


How can you tell if you need a powerflush?


There are a number of tell-tale signs that could indicate your system would benefit from a central heating flush. Watch out for:


  • Slow warm up of the heating system
  • Radiators that need bleeding often
  • Radiators which are all or partially cold
  • Kettle-like noises from the boiler
  • Radiators with perforations or leakage
  • Central heating water which is discoloured and dirty
  • Repeated failures of the circulation pump


Many of these problems are related to the same major issue. The internal corrosion of radiators and the breakdown of the metal into rusty sludge means the circulation of hot water is not as efficient as it should be. This can cause damage to your boiler and pump, and mean your system is not performing as efficiently as it should, costing you money every time you turn it on.


Powerflushing can resolve all or any of these problems, and can give your heating system the revival it so badly needs. Talk to us about getting a power flush in London, and love your heating system again.


The end results


In the majority of cases, we find a powerflush results in:


  • No more problems with circulation and flow
  • No more cold spots or cold radiators
  • More efficient working of the system
  • Up to 30% saved on energy bills
  • Stops noisy boilers
  • Descales, treats and prevents further corrosion
  • Increases the life of the boiler, pump, valves, radiators and pipework
  • Does not affect your boiler warranty



Contact London Gas Maintenance today to find out more about the benefits of our powerflush service.


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