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Cooker Installation

If you’re tempted to undertake your gas cooker installation yourself, don’t. Trying to install a new cooker can be difficult without the right tools and knowledge, and things can easily go wrong. All gas cooker installation needs to be undertaken by a GAS SAFE engineer, otherwise your home insurance could be invalidated.


We can help you with gas cooker installation in London and the surrounding areas, and will make sure your new appliance is fitted perfectly and safety checked, ready for your use. We’ll even supply you with a Gas Appliances Installation Certificate, which is important for your home insurance and for when you come to sell the house.

How we ensure your cooker installation is perfect

When you ask us to undertake your gas cooker or hob installation, we’ll take every step possible to ensure the project goes safely and without hitch.


Here’s how we do it:


1. We check your kitchen to make sure that your existing connections are safe and ready to use

2. We disconnect your old gas cooker and prepare the new appliance for fitting

3. We connect up your new cooker, ensuring that the supply is safe and tight

4. We test the appliance to ensure it is working as expected

5. We fully safety check the appliance so that it is ready to use, and will visually inspect any other gas appliances in the house for safety too


Whether you’ve chosen a cooker, a gas hob, a range cooker or a new gas oven, our experienced and professional engineers can ensure the installation runs smoothly. We guarantee all our work and always put safety first. When we leave, you’ll have peace of mind that your new appliance is safely connected, fully inspected and ready for you to use.


Talk to us today about your cooker installation in London and see why we’re the number one choice for all your gas maintenance needs.


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